About Jack Law

Jack Law was a founder member of Greenmantle, a folk/rock band of the mid '70s. Despite building a strong following across the UK, the band had little commercial success and eventually disbanded in the late 70's. Jack left the music scene and immersed himself in a career in social work and the voluntary sector. Nonetheless he continued to write and play sporadically, touring in the US and Canada briefly. The band came back together in 2010, and released their first CD, 'Two Hats' and its second 'Radio On' in 2012. However they didn't return to performing. Jack also released a solo Cd 'Take A Second Glance' in 2011' and formed a band 'Raging Twilight' which is building its reputation in the folk and American circuits. Jack also writes, and produces other music which is produced under his own name or as the 'Klammerklimmer Kwartet', and this has led to a dance related performance in collaboration with Rosina Bonsu and Robert Henderson at Cottiers Theater. Thee performance was well received and has stimulated interest in performing the project in 2017.

Review of Stateless by Mary Brennan – Glasgow Herald

Cottier’s Theatre, Glasgow

Mary Brennan

IF THE Cottier Dance Project offers a much-needed platform for choreographers – different ages, at different stages, but all keen to try out new ideas – it also offers audiences a glimpse of what’s cooking behind (usually closed) studio doors. Watch This Space gave four dance-makers the floor for about ten minutes each: just enough time to suggest the thrust and style of what a longer piece might look like – and to leave you wanting more. This was especially true of Rosina Bonsu’s Stateless which, as the name implies, focussed on the power-plays between those who “belong” and outsiders who are rebuffed. Using nine dancers, and a graphic strategy of taping the floor into zones, Bonsu gave visceral force to images of exclusion, as when Brian Hartley repeatedly flung himself into a close-packed community only to be forcefully catapulted out.