Jack Law is a singer/somgwriter based in Glasgow, Scotland. He’s been writing and performing since the early 1970’s. Serving his musical apprenticeship in pub rock bands, he alongside Ian Campbell and Billy Campbell together formed Greenmantle in the early ’70s. Inspired by US West Coast music, the band built a following within the folk and university circuit, alongside others such as the JSD Band, Tannahill Weavers, Rab Noakes and others. Their big break came when they performed at the UCS fundraising gigs alongside Donovan, Billy Conolly and Gallacher and Lyle. For around 5 years and in various incarnations the band toured the UK, finally splitting in 1976.

Over the period Jack developed and refined his songwriting skills, and although the band had a recording contract with Phillips records, the much needed hit single never emerged. Despite quitting the band in ’76, and taking a different path from music, Jack continued to refine his songwriting, and his live performances in the UK, Canada and the USA. Billy and Jack got together again in 2009 to produce two albums of material they wrote in the ’70’s, ‘Two Hats’ and ‘Radio On’. Branching out yet again in 2012, Jack reconnected with some of the musicians he palyed with in the very early days to produce ‘Take A Second Glance’ which generated some attention from local radio in Glasgow.

Undeterred, Jack formed a new band, Raging Twilight and began a series of gigs and appearances in folk clubs and small intimate venues, begining to build a small, but loyal fanbase. With Raging Twilight (ragingtwilight.com) came a new CD, a new collection of songs based on his travels in the USA and Canada. This CD gained the attention of local radio and Radio Scotland, as well as being favourably reviewed in Folking.com, Progradar, and Maverick magazine.

2020 was an unexpected year for us all. In so far as the band was concerned it put paid to their live appearances and a stop to them recording their next collection. However it was also the year of the home studio, and solo live performances on Facebook. Building on the knowledge he had gained in engineering and producing the Raging Twilight CD, Jack wrote and recorded a song cycle of three parts, shaped by his life experience, he is producing a collection of songs which are basically musings on the journey his life has taken. So, the collection will be very different to much that he has written before. The first is a collection of three songs produced together under the banner of ‘Shock of the Blue’. Each of the songs are reflections on relationships and the vagaries of lost love, and will be released in March 2021. HIs plan is to produce another two collections over the next year.