Review of Stateless by Mary Brennan – Glasgow Herald

Cottier’s Theatre, Glasgow

Mary Brennan

IF THE Cottier Dance Project offers a much-needed platform for choreographers – different ages, at different stages, but all keen to try out new ideas – it also offers audiences a glimpse of what’s cooking behind (usually closed) studio doors. Watch This Space gave four dance-makers the floor for about ten minutes each: just enough time to suggest the thrust and style of what a longer piece might look like – and to leave you wanting more. This was especially true of Rosina Bonsu’s Stateless which, as the name implies, focussed on the power-plays between those who “belong” and outsiders who are rebuffed. Using nine dancers, and a graphic strategy of taping the floor into zones, Bonsu gave visceral force to images of exclusion, as when Brian Hartley repeatedly flung himself into a close-packed community only to be forcefully catapulted out.

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